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The founders of Séhar hair fibers are a group of young internet entrepreneurs who were all suffering from thinning hair in their twenties and went on a mission to find somewhat of a solution to their "embarrassing" issue. We don't think hair loss is embarrassing and we don't mean to offend anyone, we are just speaking from experience and how we felt when we started losing hair at a young age.

That feeling and loss of self-esteem and self-confidence pushed us to try and find a reliable solution and that's when we came across these natural hair fibers. After lots of trial and error and testing different plants and different solutions we finally settled on Séhar hair building fibers and launched what has quickly become a revolution for hair loss sufferers. 

"The Natural Way is the Best Way"

For people who use these products on a continuous basis – professional actors, for example, or people who use hair thickening products regularly – scalp and skin problems are common.

That's a shame, because we've learned that these problems can be avoided simply by using products containing skin-friendly and natural ingredients. And our natural products also perform better.

That’s why we take great pride in offering hair thickening products that are 100% natural. Our products contain none of the synthetic dyes, fillers, preservatives and other artificial chemical concoctions found in other products.

We do not use ingredients derived from animals. And when we test our products, we test them on ourselves – not on some poor, frightened animal huddling in a cage.

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